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Storage Office in Abilene Texas

Welcome to AAA Storage

AAA Self Storage welcomes you to our facility. We hope to make your storage experience as pleasurable as it can be.

Low Cost – Unit Sizes & Prices

Our prices are set to be in the middle of the market, or average. What makes us “Low Cost” is that we offer very secure, clean, and friendly storage that is competitive with the best offered at a mid-market price.

Friendly Service

What a lot of people in our business don’t tell you is how much they make on fees. If you are late (1) one day, it can cost you $25. Check any storage facility contract for fees, including ours, and you will see a host of fees and charges. Our difference is that we use those fees to reign in people who don’t act reasonably, can’t follow rules, and take advantage of us and you, our tenants.

We don’t charge everyone we can a fee as a way to improve profits.

Secure Storage

While on site you will notice that there is a video camera looking at you, no matter where you go in our facility. While cameras don’t prevent crimes, they do greatly assist law enforcement in determining who did what and when.

Flood Free?

Our facility was built after the City of Abilene required “engineered drainage” on all new construction. Many older facilities don’t have it, and in fact, one facility in Abilene is built in the flood plain and has flooded in the last 10 years, destroying everything stored in the entire facility. Surprise, they might not tell you that!

Engineered drainage does not mean that climate change and incredibly severe weather can’t cause flooding problems.  Abilene has had a day with 8.5 inches of rain, which was a 100 year event on July 8, 2015.

and 80 mph winds that tore 50 ft of storage building off the foundation near the mall.

Have highly severe storms caused problems for tenants in our facility, the answer is YES.  So, call your insurance agent and discuss a policy and coverages so you understand your risks.

Moving to Abilene?

We make it easy for out of town customers, we can email a PDF contract  and take a CDEDIT, DEBIT or ECHECK with Uhaual’s Emove.  Phone payments are FREE.


Get the lowest cost storage for records and property with a lease and by paying in advance – rates as low as $0.25/sq. ft. per month. You can’t beat our price!


SPECIAL 5×10 Unit for 90 days $92. Students are welcome, and should know that we rent small individual student sized units for a flate rate from May through August of each year.

We do not charge a deposit. We do charge a one time $10 fee the first time you rent from us. Returning customers only need to pay the first month’s rent to move into a unit.


Payments via Credit and Debit Cards, Personal & Business Checks (your out of town check is OK!), and Cash are accepted.

You can make a cash payment on-site and get a signed receipt, when we are in the office.

BE SURE TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND UNIT NUMBER CLEARLY ON CHECKS AND ESPECIALLY ON MONEY ORDERS. Cash Payments should be double enveloped, put the money in one envelope, put the DATE PAID, your Name, Unit number and Dollar amount enclosed. Then place that envelope into another envelope and just write “storage payment”.

We pro-rate your rent on move-in. If you move out during the month without notice, you just pay the entire months rent. If you give 30 days notice, we will pro-rate your rent to the day when you are out.

Discounted long term rent is not refundable if you move out early, it’s a lease.

Good Things to Know

When storing items for more than a short period of time:

Abilene has dust storms every year. 60mph winds with dust will get into everything that is not sealed or covered. Tape seal all boxes, use plastic to cover fabric furniture, mattresses and box spring units (and store them UP OFF THE FLOOR of the unit), and do not store clothes by hanging them in the unit.

DO NOT STORE DRY FOOD – ramen in plastic bags, dry goods, and similar products attract rodents. They will eat their way into the food and infest your unit and those around you.

If you must store food, PLACE ANY FOOD ITEMS IN PLASTIC TUBS and tape them shut.

Store wood furniture so that it is not in direct contact with the concrete floor. High humidity days will form condensation on the concrete floor and can harm your good wood furniture.


We have a state of the art high tech security system, but just as you have seen on the News, people do amazingly stupid things… Even with an intergrated security sytem with burglar alarms on some large units, security cameras that see in the dark, a computerized gate, a barbed wire security fence, and regular patrols of the entire facility during business hours crime can still occur, so…

Use a round chrome or stainless steel disc lock. Over the last 30 years, the majority of storage units burglarized nationwide used a cheap ($5) simple padlock that was cut quickly off by an under $20 cost pair of boltcutters. Most theives don’t have Klein, Krenn or Porter $2-$300 boltcutters. Round Chrome Disc high security locks require power tools or professional grade boltcutters to remove and are usually too much time and trouble for the bad guys. They are absolutely worth the extra cost.

 Property Insurance & Coverage

Some important things to know about insurance when storing your goods:

Only Government Flood insurance covers damages due to flood or surface water, including rust, mold and mildew.

Uhaul’s SafeStor insurance now covers Rodent and Insect damages, whereas most homeowner’s, renter’s and other storage insurance policies do not.