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accessible. plenty room and affordable

price friendly customer service very accessible and secure......would recommend to whom needs a unit
- martin farnsworth

Look no further

Very friendly staff, clean storage sheds and grounds. Spoke with the owner a couple of times, very easy to work with! Thanks for everything
- Susan cota

A Misunderstanding...

It turned out I had a misunderstanding. Their corporate sends out notices, not the local office. Marie is a very nice lady, and she has been sweet and helpful. The prices and the facility are great. I got a 10x10 for only $44.
- C.K. Dyess AFB

Marie was super!

Marie was super. Met me after work, super nice. Cameras at my unit, and severalnat the front gate. I forgot my code and she helped me right away.
- Tyler H. Abilene, TX

best value for storage in Abilene

been there and almost 3 years ....good security and very helpful and friendly staff......have had no problems and they help me quickly whenever i need something....the best value for storage in Abilene and great safe location
- Lars C. Abilene, TX

Marie was Great!

My husband is active duty and we had to move to Georgia in 10 days for him to attend school. We paid a moving company to move our home into storage and were able to work with the staff via phone and email. They gave us a military discount and a discount for paying 6 months in advance. Just make sure to let them know asap if something happens (we thought we were staying in GA for 2 more months, but ended up PCSing to WA). Marie was great! She got a UHaul ready for us and was understanding with a delay in payment during the confusion.
- Bri M. Columbus Georgia

Awesome owner and assistant marci

Awesome owner and assistant marci
- Charles Tarpley

Great place for storage!

Have used this storage facility twice for extended times with no issues. The manager worked with me to get the best price and size storage and the right locks both times. Answered all questions and good customer experience overall. I really like the online payment system. Referred friends multiple times as well.
- Sue Bueltel